Boray plays some more 2001 version (2016)

by Boray



A “could have been” version…‎

Short: In year 2000 when I had released my ”Boray plays some guitar” CD, I started right away to ‎work on the follow-up CD ”Boray plays some more”. The project kind of got messed up on the way ‎and was finally released five years later, but then with many different tunes than originally ‎recorded for it. But this new release “Boray plays some more 2001 version (2016)” contains all the ‎tunes made for it in year 2000 plus four tunes made in 2001. These tunes have been polished over ‎the years and released as bonus songs on other Boray albums. So you can say this album is the 2016 ‎version of the 2001 version. If these tunes would have been this polished in 2001 (with a few exceptions), this is the album I ‎would have released then. It’s a “Could have been” version. It has the same tunes as on a preview ‎CD from August 2001, but in a slightly different order.‎

Details: The problem was that the tracks were not this polished in 2001 so I was not happy with the ‎CD. I also started to get higher ambitions and made a plan: If I could get the CD to sound really ‎professional, it would be easier to get a music publisher to publish it. So I started to re-make parts ‎of the CD, namely the long piece called “Amzidus”, and I also polished the existing tunes, recorded ‎new ones so I could select the very best ones in the end. This was probably a bit too serious for me. ‎Countless hours of mixing made me over sensitive to loud sounds. A problem I still suffer from to a ‎degree. I also started side projects that wasn't that serious and recorded a lot of stuff not intended ‎for “Boray plays some more” at all. So the project kind of, well, got delayed 4 years… And when I ‎finally released it, it was mostly because I wanted to put an end to it and have it done. ‎

By this time (2005) I had so many tunes to select from while many of the original tunes still wasn't ‎polished enough. When making music, you often have a tendency to prefer the songs you made ‎recently, and I think this had a too big impact on the selection. The two tunes with singing (“It’s ‎Nice” and “You have a heart”) were the two most recent tunes I had made at this point in time and ‎I think that’s the only reason they got included. I would not have included them today.‎

After the release, time went on and I continued to make music. I still had all of these unreleased ‎tunes I made for “Boray plays some more”. So when I released new albums, I often took one of ‎these tunes and included as a kind of bonus tune after remixing it a bit or fixing problems with it, or ‎for example adding something. After a while most of the tunes got released this way, and they also ‎got the polish they lacked before. As time went on, I also felt that the 2005 release of “Boray plays ‎some more” album didn’t become what I wanted it to be. I started thinking maybe I should alter it. ‎But then I got the idea of making a new “Could have been” version instead and this 2001 version ‎was born. The two versions only have 19 minutes in common (of 60 and 66 minutes in total). Here is ‎an illustration showing the tracks of the two versions:


released August 10, 2016



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